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How does the website work?

Our tours are sorted by country for your convenience, so you can find out all of the pertinent details. As the website evolve, we will also add "experience" section.

How long does it take to plan a trip?

If you choose an itinerary from one of our pre-made packages, booking your vacation and a few minor aspects shouldn't take more than three or four weeks. 

Can the itineraries be adapted or are they set in stone?

Our experience options are flexible, but you can also customize an itinerary from beginning to end for your family or group. The minimum requirement is six people.

Are Redwood Tours child friendly?

No. We do not encourage children on our tours however, we do provide custom tours of a minimum 6 persons that may accommodate.

Will I be joining a group?

You may be able to participate as an individual or in a couple, but we strongly recommend bringing people who know one another for the best possible experience.

Can you plan short breaks or do you only specialize in big trips?

Redwood Tours has plenty of 7-14 day trips for you to choose from, but unfortunately, we do not offer anything shorter than this. If there are certain activities that you would like to schedule throughout your longer trip though, then feel free to contact us and we will work something out!

Do you book my flights?

Redwood Cafe Tours does not book flights. We start our tours at the lobby of a predetermined tour origination point and end that tour at that prearranged destination point. Tours will not include flying expenses and it is up to the traveler to provide their own flying costs.

What's the best way to contact you?

You can contact us via email at: or You can also reach out to us by phone (209 404 2605). Another great option is to book a call with us using the following link

When will I need to make a full payment for my trip?

Full payment is required 45 days prior to departure

How do I pay Redwood Tours?

We will give you a quote and send you and invoice that you may pay using our online payment system, check, or bank transfer.

Is there a fee for your service?

No, our service is all inclusive and the fees are structured into your tour price. 



What is a travel expert? How do they know the inside track?

A travel expert is someone who has knowledge about different destinations and can make recommendations that would not be possible if you traveled there on your own.

What is a travel expert? How do they know the inside track?

A travel expert is someone who has knowledge about different destinations and can make recommendations that would not be possible if you traveled there on your own.

What places are featured in your portfolio?

As of now we offer the following destinations: Italy (Tuscany, Sicily, Piedmont), France, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Japan, Romania and ITB Berlin

I've already booked some elements of my trip. Can you organize just my activities or experiences?

We do not book additions to persons personal itineraries or parts of their trip.

What are the benefits of having Redwood Tours handle my trip? How are you different from other tour operators?

Redwood Tours strive to be conduits of history, culture and only conduct a few tours per year. We are not a mass tour operator. Our boots on the ground individually conduct other tours and are available for other clients however, they specialize and set out their time with our groups.

Who looks after us while we're on our trip?

You will always have a chaperone on your tour, along with your guide. In most cases you may even be joined by owner, Bob Campana, Lynna Campana, Lorna Borges or some part of our staff from the Redwood restaurant organization to share the experience with you

Who do I contact in case of emergency?

All travelers require travel insurance and emergency contact info. We will facilitate the supplied information to your travel insurance in the event of an emergency.

I'm trying to be an eco-friendly traveler. What is Redwood Tours doing for responsible travel?

One of our goals for every tour is to go off the beaten path without using major highways. We tend towards lesser-traveled side streets and towns without constant foot traffic from tourists; we are sensitive about how much of an impact we make on the environment while making sure all six senses are engaged.

Can you help me with my Visa?

At this time we are not able to help you with your Visa however, we can refer you to those who specialize in the service.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes. As part of Redwood Tours, we require you to have proof of travel insurance to be on our tour.

Do I need to get vaccines for my trip?

Any vaccines that are mandated for international travel must be complied with. Though Redwood Tours does not require a vaccine, regulations provided by the local governments of any country on our tour list must be adhered to.


I've just come back from my trip. How do I send feedback?

You can leave your amazing review on Google or our  Facebook. Don't hesitate to share pictures and videos, we love them!

My trip was great and I'm ready to book another. Will I keep the same travel expert?

If you had a good time during your trip and want to take another one, we'd love to provide information about the tour guides for future trips so that you'll know who will be escorting you next time around!

Can I do something completely different for my next trip?

Yes! If you took a structured tour with us, great! We have structured tours in different countries however, maybe you just want to kind of ad lib? We can do a complete bespoke tour work with you on each day’s activities. While those do take longer to plan, put together and confirm, we would love to work with you on something special. Contact us at

I'm not ready to book another trip yet, but how do I stay in touch?

Check out our travel blog to keep up with us! We also send intermittent text to anyone that goes on our trips to provide updates on what we’re doing!

I took some great photos on my trip, how can I share them with you?

Please email us any photos that you would love to share! Don’t forget to use our #RedwoodCafeTours hashtag for social media! 

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