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By booking with Redwood Tours you are entering into a contract with Redwood Cafe Tours. These terms and conditions together with the itinerary and quotation We provide for your specific Tour, form the terms of the contract and your agreement with Us


You must not confirm any booking (by providing us with the same booking sheet) unless you understand and agree with the following terms and conditions. Once payment is made for the booking you are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions.



We will prepare an itinerary of the tour and provide it to you, together with a quotation for the cost of the tour. The itinerary will specify the services we will provide, or will not provide, as a part of the quoted price.

All prices are quoted in $USD unless otherwise specified. In the event any third-party increases their cost between the issue of our quotation and the tour taking place, we may seek to recover those increased cost from you



A nonrefundable deposit and the amount nominated on the quotation/itinerary; will be payable at the time you confirm your booking. Payment of the balance of the quarter price is required, as noted on the quotation/ itinerary before the departure of the quotation by the due date may result in a late payment fee or cancellation, as determined by Us



Credit card surcharges will apply when paying by credit card and will be determined by credit card type, as advised on the quotation



The tour price only includes the accommodation, transportation, service, meals and beverages specified on the itinerary. No other products or services will be provided by Us unless we specifically agree in writing to provide those services to you.



We will use our best endeavors to deliver the service nominated on the itinerary. However, our itineraries are usually prepared well in advance of the tour and from time to time we may have to make changes to the itinerary prior to, or during the tour, which may incur additional cost or change the activities included in the tour. If we have to change your itinerary after you have paid for the tour, we will provide you with as much notice of the change as possible and, where possible, offer an alternative arrangement and notify you of any additional cost. If the change occurs before the tour commences, and means that the tour is materially different from the original itinerary, you have the right to withdraw from the tour and all monies already paid will be refunded the less any changes imposed by supplier. If the change occurs during the tour, we may in our absolute discretion, offer you a partial refund.

We are not responsible for any other costs, losses, damages or expenses you suffer as a result of change in the itinerary during the tour, including consequential losses, such as changes to your travel arrangements.



All cancellations must be made by providing US with written notice, and will be subject to following cancellation charges. Cancellations advised between 120 and 60 days prior to the tour date will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of total quoted price. Cancellations advised less than 60 days prior to the tour date will result in loss of all monies paid.



We do not arrange or provide travel insurance or any other insurance. You must arrange a full comprehensive travel insurance policy to cover you and your property for the duration of the tour. You must provide Us with your travel insurance policy details prior to departure.


The tour is subject to a minimum number of participants as determined by us, which will be notified to you as at the time the itinerary is supplied. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the tour will be canceled and We will refund any money We received from you; or We may provide you with a revised quotation, which you may accept or reject.



It is your responsibility to ensure that your passport is current and valid, with at least six months currency, and to arrange any necessary visa or travel permits. We are not liable for any loss or expense you incur if you fail to arrange a valid passport, visa or permit. You must provide Us with accurate information. If you did not provide the correct information, We have to amend your booking you will be responsible for any additional cost incurred.



If you are traveling alone and wish to share a room, we will endeavor to match you with another single participant. We accept no responsibility for the suitability of the rooming partner. If at any time during the tour you consider the rooming partner to be unsuitable, We will arrange single accommodation (if available), the additional cost of which will be borne by you. If we are unable to find a rooming partner prior to departure, you will be required to pay the applicable single supplement to undertake the tour.



No refund will be given for any pre-booked accommodation, coach tours or other pre-booked services or other travel which is not used by you. Participants who do not conform to the itinerary will not be entitled to refunds or any parts of the tour missed. No allowances or refunds will be made for lost or unused tickets or coupons



Whilst every effort is made to ensure hotel accommodations conforms to your requirements and is as noted on the itinerary, We are not responsible for any variations to the booking made by the hotel. You are responsible for any costs incurred as a result of damage or excess cleaning fees related to your accommodations.



Any excess baggage fees for international, and any domestic flights will be incurred at your cost. You are responsible for complying with any custom laws and regulations, including regarding taking particular goods on flights into and out of Australia.



Subject to your itinerary, the tour is likely to require a basic level of fitness, including the ability to walk on uneven ground and stairs, comfortably and unaided. You should be able to walk up to 2 km over 1.5 hours, as most winery visits will require walking. Many tours include visits to cellars which require participants to be in confined spaces and walk up and down steps for 20 to 30 metres below ground. To fully participate in the tour, you must be in physical condition to walk comfortably and unaided on terrain and steps which may be steep and/or uneven.


All participants warrant that they have the physical capacity to participate fully in the tour without any assistance from the tour escort or other participants. Any important health, disability (physical or mental) issues which may prevent you from participating in any of the tour activities should be made known to Us before the booking is confirmed. We reserve the right to ask for a letter from your doctor confirming you are fit to participate in the tour, if necessary. We reserve the right to decline any person as a tour participant if We believe that, you are unable to participate in the tour safely because of health conditions. Unless you notify Us in writing prior to commencement of tour that you wish to opt out, you agree that we may take photographs and films of you whilst you are on tour and that those may be added to our brochures and advertising without any further consent from you.

It is your responsibility to take steps to protect your health whilst on the tour, including any immunizations or medications that may be recommended by medical practitioner before traveling to particular countries.


We reserve the right to refuse to allow you to continue the tour if you behave in any way that is dangerous disorderly or causes discomfort to our other tour participants or third-party service providers, and no refund will be provided to you



We co-ordinate the arrangements for the tour as specified in the itinerary, which may include, transfers, transportation, some meals and hotel accommodation(third party). Those services are not carried out by Us, but by third-party such as airlines, hoteliers, transportation companies and other service providers which are not under our control. While we take all reasonable care to select the third parties and to monitor their performance, we accept no responsibility whether in negligence or contract for any accident ,injury, death sickness, damage, loss, cancellation, delay, failure to deliver or partial or inadequate delivery of services, disappointed expectation, additional expenses or other unforeseen events caused in connection with those third parties, their employees, agents, servants or representatives. All coupon, vouchers, receipts and tickets issued by third parties are issued subject to the terms and conditions of liability contained in those documents, which may limit or exclude liability for death, personal injury, delay, and loss of or damaged to baggage and are subject to the laws of the country where the services are provided.



We do not accept any liability in any amount caused directly or indirectly by force majeure or other events beyond our control, including but without limitation to the delivery of services by third-parties, war or threat of war, acts of government, acts of terrorism, fire, strikes, civil disturbances, quarantines, floods, weather conditions, natural disasters, incidents at sea, accidents or failure of machinery or equipment, theft, or other disturbances of any kind which cancel. interfere with, or add cost to the services requested. We recommend you obtain insurance which covers these risks, prior to the commencement of the tour. You take part in the Tour at your own risk. We are not liable for any accident, injury, death, property damage, or loss in relation to such activities.



We make every effort to ensure all information displayed on our site is accurate; however we do not guarantee the accuracy of all information nor are we able to guarantee that the site is free of errors or faults. We reserve the right to change information displayed on our site and withdraw offers or prices (including these terms and conditions) at any time without notice to you.



If you have any complaint about the tour or our services, you must notify us as soon as possible and we will endeavor to resolve the issue. If at the end of the tour, you feel your complaint has not been properly dealt with, you must notify us in writing within 30 days of the end of the tour.



This contract is government all respects by the law of the state of California, USA      and any legal action arising under the contract shall be litigated only in the appropriate court, having jurisdiction in the state these terms together with the itinerary and quotation from our entire agreement with you no representation term, warranty or condition can be expressed or implied by reference to any other writing advertisement or conversation. This contract may only be varied in writing by mutual agreement.

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