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Why Reims is Worth Visiting: A Gateway to the Heart of the Champagne Region

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Are you pondering whether Reims is worth visiting? As a charming city steeped in history, renowned for world-class gastronomy, and, of course, its hallmark champagne, the answer is a resounding 'yes'. Nestled in France's Champagne region, Reims is the perfect blend of historical intrigue, culinary delight, and sparkling indulgence. As part of our Redwood Café Tours, we invite you to delve into the captivating facets of this city and its surroundings.

A Deep Dive into the Champagne Experience

a young company pouring champagne into the wineglasses. young guys drink champagne at sunset. sparkling champagne in glass goblets. splashes of ...

A visit to Reims would not be complete without immersing oneself in its thriving champagne culture. With renowned champagne houses such as Taittinger and Veuve Clicquot calling this city their home, you'll get a firsthand look into the intricacies of creating this globally cherished beverage. Delve into the cool, chalky caves housing rows upon rows of champagne bottles, discover the complex process of champenoise method, and delight your palate with a diverse range of champagne tasting experiences. The allure of its effervescent wines is a compelling reason why Reims is worth visiting for wine lovers and enthusiasts alike.

Unveiling the Historic Beauty of the City

Cathedral of Reims, France

Beyond its champagne cellars, Reims captivates with a rich tapestry of history and architectural prowess. At the heart of the city is the imposing Reims Cathedral, a gothic architectural marvel where the Kings of France were once crowned. The nearby Palace of Tau and the Saint Remi Museum narrate the city's history through a collection of artifacts and exhibits. With its quaint streets lined with stunning Art Deco architecture, a stroll through the city offers a remarkable glimpse into the past.

Excursions Beyond Reims: Exploring Surrounding Cities

Champagne house de Venoge, Epernay, France

The Champagne region, of which Reims is the de facto capital, extends its charm beyond the city borders. Not far from Reims is the enchanting town of Epernay. Known as the "Capital of Champagne," Epernay is worth a visit for its renowned Avenue de Champagne, a boulevard lined with extravagant mansions and prestigious champagne houses, such as Moët & Chandon. An excursion to this town promises a continuation of your champagne adventure in a distinctive setting.

Though smaller than Reims, Epernay boasts an impressive reputation in champagne production. Its sprawling vineyards and historic cellars offer immersive experiences where you can witness the meticulous winemaking process and partake in tastings that showcase the region's diversity in champagne styles. From prestigious champagne houses to small, family-run operations, Epernay is a testament to the timeless art of winemaking that has made Champagne famous globally.

Savoring the Delights of Local Cuisine

Biscuit Rose de Reims, Pink Biscuit found in French cuisine, It is customary to dip the biscuit in champagne

The culinary scene in Reims and its surrounding region offers a gastronomic journey as enriching as its wines. Sample regional specialties like biscuit rose de Reims, a pink biscuit often paired with champagne, or jambon de Reims, a succulent ham cooked in champagne. For the more adventurous, there's a bevy of escargot dishes and the region's take on foie gras. Paired with the local bubbly, these culinary explorations truly encapsulate the essence of Champagne's vibrant gastronomy.


Reims, with its captivating history, gastronomic treasures, and extraordinary champagne experiences, is undoubtedly a destination worth visiting. To experience the allure of this French city and its surrounds, we invite you to join us on our Private France Tour. With Redwood Café Tours, prepare to embark on a memorable journey into the heart of the Champagne region – and let Reims enchant you.



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