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Tuscany's Companies


This journey through some of Tuscany specialties follows the river Arno, that from Florence, heading west, reaches Pisa and enters in the Mediterranean sea. It's the only main flat area of Tuscany and hosts world known companies that work in the fashion business, vehicles production, crafts designing and food.

The tour can vary depending on your priorities; still is our main proposal.

We leave Florence or your stay at 8am. First stop is just outside the city, at “La Sosta” torrefazione, a coffee production company. Here the host will give you a tour of the factory, with its machineries that roast and grind their premium quality coffee beans. You will then continue the tour with a coffee tasting, where you'll be able to learn about and try all different kinds of excellent coffees. There are many appreciators of italian coffee through the world, but very few do tours and tastings as you would have for wines. By 9:30 we leave and reach the leather factory Bianchi&Nardi in the western industrial area of Florence (10am). Here the owners will tour you through the different processes in order to reach the final product: purses, wallets and many other items that reach the highest standards. This company, in fact, produces bags and purses for many of the world's top brands, and while Florence is renown to be the capital of leather making in Italy, this is one of the best companies for the making of its goods.

After leaving the leather factory we catch the highway and reach the outskirts of Pontedera, in the province of Pisa. We arrive around 12:30 at Savini tartufi, a truffle products maker and traditionally a family of truffle hunters. Here you will be able to visit their little museum to better aknowledge the “truffle world” and have a lunch and tasting of their truffle-based dishes and products. Truffles can be found in many different parts of Italy and Europe, but many less areas where you can find the more precious white truffle or where you can find truffles all year long. This specific area of Tuscany is one of them, and Savini are masters in the finding and working on them.

After lunch what can be better then a nice dessert? Very close to Savini, just outside the town of Pontedera is the factory and shop of Amedei chocolate, one of the world's best artisanal chocolate makers. Here you will be able to see how chocolate is made and try some of their best varities (3- 4:30pm). This experience on its own is worth the whole tour. In the town of Pontedera, just few minutes drive away, you will be able to visit the museum connected to the Piaggio company factory. This is the company that produces the Vespa motorbike and many other iconic vehicles. A quick visit of this section of hangar is a must if you are nearby. Returning back to Florence we stop in the town of Montelupo (6-6:30pm), capital of ceramic and crystal products. The “terracotta” from which ceramic is made is from the nearby town of Impruneta and also Montelupo. Here, historically, many artisans used to produce since Renessaince times ceramic vases, plates and other crafts. Still today its production is the main source of work. We will be able to visit a ceramic producing company and related shop and learn the procedures to reach such high quality standards.
By 7:30pm we leave to reach Florence around 8pm, making it a 12 hrs tour. As explained introducing the tour, we can mix and match these companies as well as add others in the same area, eventually even making it a 2 days tour.

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