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The valley of Garfagnana is one of the most genuine visits you can have in Italy, through its people, food and simply stunning views of the Apuan Alps and their marble quarries. Visit also a breathtaking Grotto and one of the best italian microbreweries.

The valley of Garfagnana starts just after passing the city of Lucca, one hour away from Florence, but passing it in its total is a long but phenomenal journey. The more you get deeply in the valley the more 21st century seems far away. 

For those who want to run away from mass tourism but still want to visit amazing places and eat well Garfagnana is one of the best options you can have in Italy. Starting from the Grotta del Vento, a beautiful grotto with a very particular characteristic: as soon you get in you get “pushed away” from the wind.. an internal current that gives the name to this beautiful stalagmite and stalactyte grotto. Continuing the drive, with the Apuan Alps and their Carrara marble quarries on the left side, we reach the fort of Verrucole, from which you have a stunning view over the whole valley. Late lunch will be in our favourite spot: the Argegna sanctuary with its simple but amazingly good restaurant and the fabuolous views from the grass field right next. Afternoon we can visit either some of the spectacular marble quarries or Petrognola's microbrewery, one of Italy's best: because Tuscany is not just wine!

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